WHY is water important

WHY is water important – The human body is +/- 75% water

The human body is +/- 75% water. All our organs depend on natural clean mineral water to function correctly.

The water you use for human consumption, drinking, cooking and anything you eat that is water-based is going to determine your health.

If you drink water that is contaminated, your body suffers. If you drink water that has no natural minerals, your body has to try and look for it elsewhere.

Therefore if you care about you and your family’s health, it is absolutely important that you drink CLEAN PURE water with all the balanced minerals as it was given to us by nature – Real Water

Good clean REAL WATER has specific functions in the human body:

• Transports nutrients in your body.
• Assists with the eliminating of toxins.
• Assists with bioelectrical impulses.
• Assists with the digestive function.
• Hydrates all cells in your body.
• Regulates body temperature
• Regulates blood pressure
• It is a solvent
• Lubricant
• Chemical conduit
• Coolant
• Energy booster
• Dilutor

If the water that you drink or consume is not pure with all the natural minerals supplied by nature you put a tremendous strain on your body and immune system resulting in all sorts of unhealthy conditions.

Benefits of drinking REAL WATER:


When you are dehydrated by only 5%, you will experience a 25% loss of energy which results in fatigue which is the major cause of stress and depression. Drinking “Real Water” will fully hydrate all the cells in your body, reversing fatigue, restoring and enhancing energy levels.

2. Control body weight

When you drink water that does not contain the right minerals and trace elements your body needs to find it elsewhere by sending out signals of thirst and hunger, resulting in eating and drinking the wrong foods at the

wrong time. Drinking Real Water will stop incorrect hunger signals, making it easier to control your body weight.

3. Healthy skin hair and nails

When dehydrated, your body cuts off water to non-vital organs such as your skin, hair and nails. This results in dry skin, acne, pimples, eczema, psoriasis, dry hair and brittle nails. Drinking “Real Water” will restore the moisture balance in your skin, hair, and nails. Flush out toxins leaving you with a much more youthful appearance.

4. Alkalinity & pH Balance

Our modern lifestyle and diet result in an acidic blood pH, causing fatigue and sickness. Drinking “Real Water” assists your blood and cells to become alkaline, creating a healthier immune system.

5. Anti-Ageing

Ageing occurs when our cells do not dispose of internally generated waste and toxins. Drinking “Real Water” hydrates all cells in your body, Flushing out toxins and wastes effortlessly as well as generating new healthy cells with the right balance of moisture levels. Reversing the modern day ageing process.

6. Combats Constipation

When drinking demineralised water your body will look for elsewhere, resulting in drawing water from your colon which will leave the colon unbalanced and the direct result is constipation which leads to irritable bowel syndrome. Drinking Real Water will supply your body with enough minerals and trace elements stopping the removal of water from the colon, resulting in a colon that is well balanced to assist the digestive system correctly.

7. Combats Fatigue that leads to Stress and depression.

By drinking Real Water your body will be energised, removing fatigue, you will feel strong and alive. Fatigue will disappear. When you are energetic and full of life it is much easier to handle stress and depression.


The clean healthy water that was available 200 years ago, was water clean without any contaminants and filled with life-giving minerals provided by nature.

Why are minerals in Water important

The minerals in the water supply the bioelectrical impulses to your red blood cells so that your red blood cells can repel each other to supply your body with enough oxygen and move through your body at high speed to perform the functions of blood correctly.

When your red blood cells are repelled from each other it stops the danger of arteries clogging. The natural minerals in water are the minerals infused into rainwater when rainwater filters through the earth and becomes part and parcel of the molecules of water to enter at a cellular level.

Demineralised water that has gone through filtration processes contains no minerals and cannot hydrate the body. Instead, it removes the minerals from the body.

The minerals in water supply all the organs with the right balanced minerals needed.

“Real Water” as nature provided used to be…

Pure • Fresh and pure, free from all pollutants

Healthy • Rich in electrolytes; perfect hydration solution

Alkaline • pH above 7.365 pH for perfect cell and body health to assist alkalinity

Mineral • Infused with essential minerals & trace elements