Water Solutions

Unique Filtration & Mineral Infusion system

7-stage Purification System

  1. Municipal water source
  2. Glass medium (1) – Removal all suspended matter
  3. ISO-GRAM (2) – Removes all cancer-causing radio-active uranium isotopes and other heavy metals from acid mine drainage as well all ion-based particles.
  4. Sediment (3) – Removes any micro-particles from water.
  5. Siliphos (4) – Removal of all lime and scale pollutants
  6. Carbon Block (5) – Removal of chlorine, chemical and biological pollutants.
  7. Sediment (6) – Removes any micro-particles from water.
  8. Carbon Block (7) – Removal of chlorine, chemical and biological pollutants.
  9. Industrial Reverse Osmosis Membranes (8)
    Removes 99.999% pollutants from water including all unmetabolized ARV’s antibiotics, hormones and birth control medication. Purifying water up to 0.0001 of a micron. Only H2O molecules can pass through the membranes.
  1. Mineral Concentrate Added – Agua é Vida Mineral Concentrate is infused into reverse osmosis purified water to create “Living Water” containing all 84 essential minerals and trace elements. These are the same minerals and trace elements present in a healthy human’s blood plasma.
  2. Water Tanks 1500L – “SABS Food Grade” refillable water tanks.
  3. Water recycling
  4. Booster pump – Stainless steel
  5. UV light sterilisation – Destroys all biological contaminants. Additional precautionary measure only.
  6. Refill of HDPE cans – Living water infused with 84 minerals and trace elements.
  7. Refill of dispenser bottles – Living water infused with 84 minerals and trace elements.


What makes our Agua é Vida filtration system unique is that besides removing pollutants and contaminants, we also extract the excessively high radioactive isotopes caused by high levels of acid mine drainage, uranium and toxic waste from the water.

Anti-Radiation GRAM (Granular Radioactivity Absorption Medium) filters can effectively remove and isolate all radioactive isotopes and other toxins such as Uranium, Aluminium, Arsenic, Cadmium, Iron, Lead, Manganese, Mercury, Radium and Vanadium as well as others found in your household water supply.

We use a novel mixed-bed absorption medium containing ISO-GRAM  medium that efficiently and effectively scavenges all these toxins from your water.

The success of this filter medium is in combining both ion exchange and superior mechanical filtration properties that absorb toxins by filtering on an atomic scale through a powerful negative charge existing in the structure of the filter bed which attracts the positively charged contaminants, isolating them within the structure.

In this state, the water has no life but is dangerously volatile.

The effectiveness of GRAM’s unique capabilities has been demonstrated when it was used in the post-accident clean-up of both The Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.

Agua é Vida’s IOS-GRAM ANTI-RADIATION FILTER removes all cancer-causing radioactive Uranium Isotopes & other heavy metals found in Acid Mine Drainage.

Please remember however, that water in this pure state, the water has no life and is dangerously volatile and still needs minerals.

Zeolite Honeycombed

Using Minerals to Regulate pH Levels

The pH of Agua é Vida water is 7.6 alkaline
The human body is designed to be 7.365pH alkaline.
So the water that you drink must be alkaline.

A body that is trying to compensate for acidic pH will be using alkaline minerals such as calcium from your bones to neutralise the acids. If the diet or water does not contain enough minerals to compensate, a build-up of acids in the cells will occur.

Agua é Vida Mineral Concentrate regulates the pH level to be between 7.6 – 8.6.  Drinking water with a pH above 8.6 is alkaline and below 7.36 may have negative effects on your health.

To find out more about the dangers of high or low pH levels

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