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I started using Agua é Vida in February 2016. I never thought that Real Water would make such a huge difference in my running career. I used the water before the 2016 Two Oceans, and I could feel a big difference in my training. For the 2016 Comrades I did not use any water other than my Agua é Vida water. Not once did I struggle with any cramps, I did not feel nauseous, I felt great all the way. It worked perfectly on race day. After the Comrades, I wasn’t as stiff as in previous years. I could feel that my recovery was quicker. I will never ever try any other water. This is really Miracle Water to me. I can’t thank Karel and his team enough for helping me achieve my Dream. THANK YOU.

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For thirty years I have suffered from constipation. I had bowel movements, sometimes once in 2 weeks. Doctors gave up. Since I have been introduced to Real Water I am regular, sometimes twice a day.

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Real Water – I would like to thank Agua é Vida for the healthy water. My family benefited from the following:

• High blood pressure cleared within 2 weeks
• Cholesterol lowered from 7 – 5.2 in 3 days.
• Sugar diabetes back to normal in 3 weeks
• Blood flow back to normal within a few days.
• Post-workout pains are gone
• No more fatigue, no more need for Red Bull.
This water brings life back. We thank God for this.
Keep up the good work.

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Hydration Boost – I have been running marathons and half marathons for the past 3 years and for the 1st time in my racing life, I was in the top 15 after drinking 500ml of “Real Water“ Hydration Solution with a natural sweetener. This water gave me amazing energy and even after the marathon I felt fresh and energetic.
I was still ready to run a few extra miles.

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Hydration Boost – I breastfeed my baby and I was struggling with my milk supply. A friend suggested I switch to Real Water. I happened to mention that I’m breastfeeding, so they gave me 2x Hydration boosts to rehydrate me quicker. By the evening my milk supply was up; evidenced by my leaking breasts. I never experienced this before.
This was proof of the quality of the water to me.
I’ve NEVER turned back since.

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Relaxed Focus – I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me Relaxed Focus, wow I feel like a whole new person, I have not been taking my Cylift since I started taking Relaxed Focus and feel top of the world.