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Real Water


Freda Conradie

Real Water

Your water is great. The hydration water helps with stress, exams and helped increase our energy levels! Everything in the
store works GREAT!!


Real Water & Zeolite

I have put all my family on the water and they will never use another water supplier again. My wife is drinking the water for
breastfeeding and I must say “what a difference’. Zeolite – Treats heavy metal poisoning and removed all my clients’ gout!!! Only the
BEST leaves this store!! All of the products are reputable & trustworthy!


Real Water

Thank you so much for the service of delivering 0f the CLEAN mineral water to us. Since coming to you in September
2013, we have been using it and have experienced the difference in our health. The Throat and Sinus products also worked very well.
Once again, Thank you!


Real Water



Hydration Boost

I breastfeed my baby and I was struggling with my milk supply. A friend suggested I switch to Real Water. I happened
to mention that I’m breastfeeding so they gave me 2x Hydration boosts to rehydrate me quicker. By the evening my milk supply was up;
evidenced by my leaking breasts. I never experienced this before. This was proof of the quality of the water to me. I’ve NEVER turned
back since.


Real Water

The water is a life saving experience. Water that GOD has given us to live a healthy lifestyle! Thank you so much!


Relaxed Focus

Het al baie produkte gebruik maar geen een kom by Relaxed Focus nie. My kinders gebruik dit om te swot.

Health Product

Alkaline Herbal Tonic & Real Water

Have been taking Alkaline Herbal Tonic for almost 2 years now.The effects have been great. I have felt very
good, not feeling sick. No flu or any sickness. It has also helped me in my weight loss program. I do not crave and eat sweets as
much. Overall this product has worked great for me.
I have been drinking Agua é Vida Real Water for 2 years now. Since drinking this water I can definitely say that I feel
healthier and more energetic. I cannot see myself drinking tap or other water ever again. I know that this is what my body needs and I
feel healthier for it.

Health Product, Water

Relaxed Focus

You are doing the world a massive service. You know how grateful we already are. Keep at it & keep me posted on
new products. P.S Relaxed Focus works like a BOMB!!

Health Product

Real Water

Die water is wonderlik. Ek het my skoonseun ook hierheen verwys, hy se ook hy sal net hier water kom kry! Baie Dankie.


Real Water

Ek al hierdie water aanhou gebruik. Dit laat my energiek en verfris voel. Ek kan defitief die verskil voel wanner ek oorgaan
na n ander water. Water gee lewe. Drink water wat lewe het, nie die wat doodgemaak word deur gifstowe nie. Relaxed Focus Is
definitief wat dit se. Daar is n verskil in hoe mense na die gejaagde lewe kyk en hanteer. Jy kan lerugstaan en beter besluite maak en
nie vasgevang word in die maalkolk nie.


Real Water

Gebruik net AGUA é VIDA water in my huis, selfs om mee te kook. Ek gee vir my hondjies, die een sukkel al lank met
arthritis. Vandat sy die water drink sukkel sy nie meer om te loop nie. Baie beindruk met julle produkte xxx. Proe soos water uit die ou


Real Water & Relaxed Focus

Kan glad nie my dag begin, of eindag sonder AGUA é VIDA nie.
Ek het 14 weke terug besluit om op te hou met rook. Ek het Relaxed Focus gebruik en dit het my baie gehelp met

Health Product, Water

Alkaline Herbal Tonic

I have always been tired and my sugar was abnormally high. Since I started taking Alkaline Herbal Tonic I have
been feeling much better and my sugar is lower. I have been coming back ever since.

Health Product

Alkaline Herbal Tonic

These products are LIFE CHANGING! Everyone should be on them!! I have given them to diabetics, people with
high blood pressure, Glaucoma and skin problems. All have had remarkable results.
Hydration Boost – All athletes that I have given it to reports that they experienced extra endurance.
Real Water – SUPER WATER!! Thank you!

Health Product

Real Water

Everyone wanting to improve their health & lifestyle should consider this life changing water, as well as the supplements.
I gave me improved life and vitality! Thank you AGUA é VIDA for your support!


Real Water & Alkaline Herbal Tonic

This water brought new life to my body. I will recommend this water, as well as the Alkaline Herbal Tonic to anybody! My


Real Water

Ek koop al vir die laaste paar maande water by Real Water. Die water proe fantasties en die kinders drink liters op elke


Real Water

I had to have blood tests done for an insurance policy, and all the tests results came back perfect.


Mineral Toning Cleanser

Ek koop nou al vir n geruime tyd die Anti-Aging Mineral Cleanser. Ek is vrou in my twintigs en dis al wat ek
gebruik om my gesig skoon te maak. Ek gebruik dit soomer ook as n toner net voor ek gaan slaap. Ek kan met n oop gemoed se “my
gesig was nog nooit so mooi en gesond soos nou nie!”. LOVE MY ANTI-AGEING!!

Health Product

Relaxed Focus

My seun is al van 9 op Ritelin en daarna op concerta. Hy was so baie besig en kan nie fokus as hy nie sy pil gedrink
het nie. Ek het hom Relaxed Focus n maand terug begin gee en kan geen verskil agter kom tussen die relaxed focus, en die conserta
nie. Hyself se (hy is nou 14) dat hierdie produk presis dieselfde vir hom werk, maar sonder al die newe effekte en slegte chemiese

Health Product

Real Water

Ek het Agua é Vida begin gebruik terwyl ek op Diotroxin was vir n onderaktiewe skildklier. Het in Junie 2014 heeltemal
afgeklim van Diotroxin af en voel baie beter. My energie het geklim en ek gebruik glad nie meer medikasie nie. Ek is baie dankbaar oor
die hulp wat ek gekry het!!

Nici De Beer

Hydration Boost

I have been running marathons and half marathons for the past 3 years and for the 1st time in my racing life, I was in
the top 15 after drinking 500ml of “Real Water” Hydration Solution with natural sweetener. This water gave me amazing energy and
even after the marathon I felt fresh and energetic. I was still ready run a few extra miles.

Vusi Mema

Relaxed Focus

My 10 year old boy used to battle a lot in school even failed some subjects. After using Relaxed & Focus he wrote his 1st
test for this term and achieved 93%!!! Even his teacher send me an sms early morning to tell me the good news.

Gean Stolz
Health Product

Relaxed Focus

Been using Relax & Focus for 2 weeks and it has been incredible. Everyone has seen a difference. I’ve been working
better and not nearly as anxious as usual. This is the best product I ever used for my ADD . I will recommend it to everyone. Thank you.

Health Product

Real Water

I sincerely wish to express my complete confidence in your Real Water and your special range of products. It is a fact that
I was recommended to urgently visit your shop as I was suffering from bone infection in the upper jaw.
Prolonged use of strong antibiotics left me ill and uncured. Soon after using Real Water exclusively and dosing with Alkaline Herbal
Tonic and specific mouth wash, the discomfort lessened and eventually went away. I am now free of the anxiety of facial surgery. In
addition, a type of skin cancer that has troubled me for years, having formed an ulcer on my lower leg, has almost disappeared, thanks
to your excellent products.
Please be advised that although I was born in 1945, I can now enjoy cycling for 2-4 hours a week and compete in yacht racing at
Pretoria Sailing Club. Thank you Agua é vida, I feel great!

Franci Girdlestone

Real Water

As a 5 year long client of Aqua é Vida I cannot explain how good the water was for us the last 5 years. As a friend I start
using the mineral water and it make a huge difference in me and my family’s life. It keep us healthy, we are full of energy and we
cannot go without our water anywhere in South Africa and the world. There is so may studies on water and this one is the truth and
real solution to health and a better life for the future.
My dad who suffers from cancer the last 7 years is also a doctor in the study will definitely recommend this formula that is balanced
and pure. I think the more people will find out about this the better our lives and future will be. It will be grate so see more of Aqua é
Vida shops in the future close to the public and where he can spread the good news.

Hennie Bekker

Real Water

I would like to take this opportunity to give feedback on the impact that my family and I have seen since we have been
using the following products from your range:
Agua é Vida “Real Water”
Mineral drops
Relax and Focus children’s capsules
We have been drinking the real water for the past 2 years and the impact it has had amazing, I have two girls aged 7 and 9 years, since
we have been drinking the water, I have not had to give my girls any antibiotics due to flu or other infections. The Relax and Focus
capsules have also assisted my eight year old in school, as she had concentration problems and she has now improved her maths
marks with 20%.

Sue Krahtz

Real Water

I have had incredible feedback from the people that I have introduced the Agua é Vida water and products to. As
mentioned previously the response from the cyclists and runners who competed whilst using the Hydration Boost water was
remarkable in that they never experienced cramping or extreme exhaustion. What a great result!!
I have recently introduced two teenagers to the water and the vitamin food and both have reported better sleeping patterns, less
exhaustion and better concentration. Interesting that both these teenagers hardly consumed any water on a daily basis and now I
supply them with 144 bottles a month. They have even taken it to the point of ordering the minerals to take on holiday with them
overseas. Another person who has had positive results since starting with the water is a friend who suffers from diabetes. Initially I
introduced the water, alkaline tonic and Vita min food to a staff member who suffers from diabetes and whose sugar levels we were
struggling to get below 10.
She is now registering readings of between 6 and 7. The most remarkable result however is an older lady friend who has suffered from
Glaucoma for many years. The pressure in her eyes had reached a point where the eye specialist was ready to operate. On the second
test, 5 weeks into her taking the Water, Vitamin food and Alkaline tonic, the pressure in both eyes had come down 5 points and the
operation has been put on hold. As you know your water and products have changed my life and it has been an experience introducing
the products to so many other people with such remarkable effects.
I hope that soon you are able to open an outlet closer to the Fourways area, making the whole range of products and water accessible
to many more people. In fact it is no longer a hope I think it is a must!! Everyone deserves the opportunity to access these amazing
products. Thank you for again and again

Denese Palm

Real Water

In 2011 is ek gediagnoseer met ‘n outo-imuunsiekte. My velt die aakligste kolle begin maak; kompleet asof ek oral blou
kolle het.
Soos die velspesialis aan my verduidelik het, het ‘n mens se vel drie lae, waarvan my boonste (buitenste) laag heeltemal normaal is.
Die laag tweede van bo is ‘n heel ander storie: as gevolg van die siekte vervaardig dit ekstra vel wat dan moet “opbondel” om in te pas,
wat die verdonkering tot gevolg het. Die velspesialis het my verseker dat dit as gevolg is van ‘n virus wat ek lankal opgedoen het en in
2011 vererger is deur medikasie wat deur die dokter aan my voorgeskryf is vir iets heel onverwant.
Ons het in 2013 begin om Real Water te gebruik en ek het binne slegs twee maande ‘n duidelik waarneembare verskil gesien in die
donker kolle. Ons teorie is dat die alkaliniteit van die water my liggaam in so ‘n mate versterk het dat die outo-imuunsiekte gestuit is.
Dié wat ons nie ken nie, vra nou aan my of ek sonbrand opgedoen het – voorheen het ek vrae gekry soos: “Slaan jou man jou dat jy só
lyk?” Die kolle is nie net ligter nie, dit lyk asof daar heelwat begin weggaan!
Dankie, Real Water, vir beter voel EN lyk!


Alkaline Herbal Tonic

I received results and so far the bone density test show an increase in bone density! Secondly they are now
talking about rather grinding the knees and hip smooth in place of replacement joints which I am thrilled with.
On the other side I have given away 5 bottles to family and friends and all feel the difference for various ailments so hopefully orders
will come your way! The one thing I am so pleased about is that there is a fellow here suffering from colon cancer like me and I spoke
with his girlfriend who has bought him Intervene and he informed me that he has shown such an improvement that the doctors are
stymied by the positive results and are asking him what he is doing!
So I am an ambassador for you and promote your product wherever I go and have given out your cell and email address as well the
Once again I will take this product for a long time time still and thank you, Brendan and Carel for getting me onto it as it came just in
time so from being given 6 weeks in February to live I am looking at the beard getting greyer and longer and eating more bugs as ride
the highways here on earth on my Harley! 🙂

Rob McCoy
Health Product

Real Water

I would like to write this short note regarding the enormous value your Real Water has brought into our lives and the lives
of all our clients, Family and associates.
It has truly been a revelation to us all who have been drinking your water and supplying it further. We were aware of the tragic situation
of the water here in RSA as too in the rest of the world. So when you presented your remedy to this challenge we hoped it would prove
to be a solution to this desperate situation.
You water process and its achievement in providing healthy nutritional drinking water has been a revelation to us all. With no
exception, our family and all those we have exposed to Real Water have returned with unconditional high acclaim to the benefits and
improvements in life as a result of drinking and applying your water into their lives.
This includes the other products you have introduced and made available to us, all of which have improved health and life to all who
have employed them.
My brother in law Paul Georgitsis of Lusaka Zambia was impressed enough to invest in a Real Water plant which he installed and is
operating in Lusaka, All who have engaged with this water in his market now also benefit from the improved health and vitality which it
has brought to their lives.
Our congratulations to you Karl and Real Water for making this vital component in our lives available.
With all our gratitude and best wishes we look forward to many more people enjoying the benefits your endeavors have made

Morgan and Anna Zeederberg
Health Product

Hydration Boost

Thanks for a great product. Have been using the water with great results. (+ – 3 years now)
I am a long distance runner, and the water has helped with my endurance tremendously, giving me improved performance without using
energy Gels. The water hydrate for runners I highly recommend,it has helped with my training and I have improved my race time. On
long distance training runs I carry the normal Real water solution, nothing else, and I can feel the “ charge “ I get when I drink while
running, now a 32 – 40 km training run is a breeze, just to suck on the water after about each 3 to 4 kilometers, and I can feel the
difference. I even run the Comrades using the water, and Hydrate solutions, as a result I do not cramp from lack of salt, and am able to
endure better on the longer distances.
My whole family uses the water, and we can see the improvement.

Chris Mellamphy

Real Water

I Would like to thank Agua é Vida for the healthy water. My family benefited from the following:
High blood pressure cleared within 2 weeks
Cholesterol lowered from 7 – 5.2 in 3 days.
Sugar diabetes back to normal in 3 weeks
Blood?ow back to normal within few days.
Post workout pains are gone.
No more fatigue, no more need for Red Bul
This water brings life back. We thank God for this. Keep up the good work.

Cate Rapudi

Relaxed Focus

Baie dankie vir die aanbeveling. Beide my kinders is ander mense selfs die skool het my gekontak in verband met die
verskil in konsentrasie. Beide se punte het verbeter in al hulle vakke. My kinders is 13 en 12 jaar oud.

Charisa Bolton
Health Product

Real Water

Vooraf was die kinders altyd rusteloos, geirriteerd en bakleierig. Hul konsentrasie en koordinasie het ook met rasse
skrede verbeter. Hulle was altyd haastig en impulsief. Nou is hulle minder honger en dors! Hul werk het ongeloo?ik verbeter asook hul
konsentrasie en koordinasie. Ek kan regtig met groot vrymoedigheid hierdie puik water produk aanbeveel met selvertroue. Ek gebruik
dit elke dag in my klas met welslae en sien dit in die gelukkige en gesonde kindertjies (Die verskil is in die water). U kan my gerus

Hannelie Taljaard
Onderwyseres by Laerskool Hennopspark
Health Product

Real Water

For 30 years I have suffered with constipation. I had bowl movements, sometimes once in 2 weeks. Doctors gave up. Since
I have been introduced to Real Water I am regular, sometimes twice a day.

Carolle Watson

Relaxed Focus

Dit het my kinders se lewens verander. Al 3 my kinders is van Ritalin af en hul gemoed is beter, eetlus is terug, slaap beter en hul punte op skool is beter vandat ons Relaxed Focus gebruik. Puik produk. Baie Dankie.

Drinie Ras
Health Product

Relaxed Focus

I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me Relaxed Focus, wow I feel like a whole new person, I have not been taking my Cylift since I started taking Relaxed Focus and feel top of the world.

Sonita Young
Health Product

Comrades Marathon Winner 2016 (13/06/2016)

I started using Agua é Vida in February 2016, I never thought that Real Water would make such a huge difference in my running career. I used the water before the 2016 Two Oceans & I could feel a big difference in my training. The one big mistake I made was not taking taking my Agua é Vida water with me to the Two Oceans. This was a big mistake. I could feel a huge difference in the race because I did not use it. After the Two Oceans I went back to Karel who said I must use it for my races.
I went on my training Camp on the 22nd April until 15th May. He gave me enough water for the whole period. My training went very well and I felt great in every training session. I could feel the difference when I did not drink it.
For the 2016 Comrades, Karel arranged that Agua é Vida water be couriered to my hotel. I drank only Agua é Vida water. I drank a mix of half Hydration Boost and half Fountain of Youth. On Comrades day I did not use any other water than my Agua é Vida water. I only used the sachets handed out on the road to keep me cool. I used the water with my own carbohydrate mix. It worked perfectly on race day.
After the Comrades I wasn’t as stiff as previous years. I could feel that my recovery was quicker. I will never use any other water. This is really miracle water to me.
I can’t thank Karel and his team enough for helping me achieve my dream. Thank You.

Charné Bosman