Water Sachets 250ml (100 pack)

Agua é Vida’s Mineral Concentrate is infused into Reverse Osmosis purified water, to create Real Water containing all 84 essential minerals & trace elements. Giving life to Pure, Healthy, Alkaline, Mineral Water.

Agua é Vida’s Mineral Concentrate is made under stringent conditions through a multiple-stage process based on nature’s hydrological cycle.

Infusing all 84 essential minerals & trace elements into a solution, creating a 100% pure, natural & organically balanced mineral concentrate, identical to that found in human blood plasma.

This mineral concentrate undergoes additional processes to microstructure the concentrate molecules which in turn will change the structure of the water molecules in which it is infused.

When Agua é Vida’s Mineral Concentrate is infused into water, the water accepts the characteristics of the concentrate. Water molecules now become micro-structured & free from any negative memory “clusters” forming bonds of 4-6 molecules instead of the normal 10-12 found in polluted water & tap water.

Your cells can now readily accept this micro-structured water & your body will utilize over 90% of the water consumed. This distinguishes Agua é Vida as the ultimate hydration solution.

Agua é Vida mineral concentrate replaces electrolytes lost through rigorous physical activity, making it vital for active men, women & children.

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These Agua é Vida mineral-infused hydration sachets are great for parties, events, sports days & fun runs.

These are a convenient way to re-hydrate whilst on the move. The box ships with x100 sachets of Pure & Clean, Alkaline & Mineral Infused water.


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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 37.8 × 25 × 30.7 cm


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