Mineral Mist

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For optimal absorption and results, spray 3 times under the tongue. Repeat as many times as needed.


Distilled structured water (70%) infused with Agua é Vida Mineral Concentrate (30%) containing all 84 minerals and trace elements.

Providing your body with all essential minerals will ensure that you have a long, healthy, productive life. But eating the best possible diet may still lead to nutrient deficiencies. Your diet may not be as healthy as you think…

Food and water quality have declined considerably over the last century.

The decline in the nutritional quality of food has been linked to production methods that have resulted in soil degradation. To increase crop yields, farmers have been using petroleum-based synthetic fertilizers/nitrogen which has destroyed the natural minerals in the soil.

Soils are now depleted & lacking in Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other essential nutrients. Researchers have found that soils in Africa have 74% fewer minerals than it used to (Rio Earth Summit). The only way to ensure that you and your family are getting all the minerals, micro and macronutrients that you need is by enhancing your diet with the most effective mineral supplement:

Agua é Vida Mineral Concentrate containing all 84 essential minerals and trace elements. Our bodies rely on minerals and trace elements to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses. Giving your Red Blood cells the ENERGY they need to give you the BOOST you need! Mineral Mist contains all these essential 84 minerals and trace elements needed daily. With each spray, your body will receive a natural energy boost.

Mineral Mist replaces electrolytes lost from strenuous training and exercise. Mineral Mist replaces all electrolytes lost from sports activity, exposure to the sun, diarrhoea etc. Your energy is restored leaving you refreshed.

It contains no unhealthy artificial sugars or caffeine, only a concentrate of electrolytes as formed by nature.

Note: Mineral Mist has a strong salty taste from the concentration of electrolytes. Electrolytes are responsible for the body’s bio-electrical impulses.
The ultimate hydration and energy boost.


  • Sportsmen and woman / Gym training (Running, cycling, swimming, golf, rugby, soccer, netball, squash, hiking, mountaineering, tennis, cricket or any strenuous exercise)
  • Use Mineral Mist before/during/after exercise or competition for a natural energy boost.
  •  Especially effective for endurance sports such as marathon running, mountain biking etc.
  • Working people in a competitive environment
  • Use Mineral Mist when feeling fatigued to lift the mental fog and increase mental alertness and concentration.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
  • Use Mineral Mist when feeling fatigued for a natural energy boost that bene?ts you and your baby.
  • Assists with maintaining and/or correcting the amniotic fluid balance
  • Assists in increasing / maintaining breast milk production.
  • Primary and secondary school learners
  • Increase concentration and memory when studying.
  • People wanting to lose weight
  • Use Mineral Mist to reduce your body’s craving for minerals in foods.


  • Energy booster
  • Assists with bio-electrical impulses
  • Assists with the digestive function
  • Assists with the eliminating of toxins
  • Hydrates all cells in your body
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Chemical conduit


Water and minerals are put through multiple processes in our patented Agua é Vida Mineral Plant order to deliver revitalised and re-energised Mineral Concentrate which is alive with over 80 minerals and trace elements, imbuing it with life-giving electrolytes and minerals. First, we utilise a number of ultra-filtration processes to clean the water and to remove chemicals, sediment, taste, odour, pharmaceuticals, hormones and the like.The plant then purifies the liquid, ensuring that any remaining bacteria and viruses are incapacitated and eliminated. The process of revitalisation then starts. The plant simulates the water cycle by infusing
natural minerals and trace elements into water. The mineral solution used is formed by micro-structuring the water through a magnetic vortex. The same process is found in water streams down mountains, flows in rivers, course over rocks and other natural obstacles and falls over rocks into pools which in turn create undercurrents or vortices. It is
naturally exposed magnetic fields and is highly oxygenated. At the end of our process, Agua é Vida Mineral Concentrate is perfectly balanced and structured with the correct ionisation contains over 80 trace elements and minerals and is of a perfect pH balance – pH7.6


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