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84 minerals and trace elements are essential

How Agua é Vida
Mineral Concentrate
is made?

Agua é Vida’s Mineral Concentrate is infused into Reverse Osmosis purified water to create Real Water containing all 84 essential minerals & trace elements. Giving life to Pure, Healthy, Alkaline, Mineral Water.

Agua é Vida’s Mineral Concentrate is made under stringent conditions through a multi-stage process based on nature’s hydrological cycle.

Infusing all 84 essential minerals & trace elements into a solution, creating a 100% pure, natural & organically balanced mineral concentrate, identical to that found in human blood plasma.

This mineral concentrate undergoes additional processes to microstructure the concentrate molecules which in turn will change the structure of the water molecules in which it is infused.

When Agua é Vida’s Mineral Concentrate is infused into water, the water accepts the characteristics of the concentrate. Water molecules now become micro-structured & free from any negative memory “clusters” forming bonds of 4-6 molecules instead of the normal 10-12 found in polluted water & tap water.

Your cells can now readily accept this micro-structured water & your body will utilize over 90% of the water consumed. This distinguishes Agua é Vida as the ultimate hydration solution.

Agua é Vida mineral concentrate replaces electrolytes lost through rigorous physical activity, making it vital for active men, women & children.

Electrolytes As A Supplement

“Electrolyte” particles that carry a positive or negative electric charge in your body. The term refers to essential minerals found in your blood, sweat and urine. When these minerals dissolve in a liquid, they form electrolytes. Positive or negative ions used in metabolic processes, including proper nerve and muscle function, maintaining pH balance, and keeping you hydrated.

In some circumstances, electrolyte levels in your blood can become too high or low, causing an imbalance. Electrolyte imbalances often occur due to dehydration caused by excess heat, vomiting or diarrhoea. Severe imbalances can interfere with the way your body functions causing you to become sick or severely ill.

When you sweat, you lose both water and electrolytes. As a result, long periods of exercise or activity, particularly in the heat, can cause significant electrolyte loss. That is why athletes supplement their diet with minerals in order to boost their electrolytes.

The 84 Minerals and trace elements needed to keep the human body’s immune system healthy, are no longer naturally available.  That is why we have come to rely on chemical and pharmaceutical supplements more and more.

The Agua é Vida Electrolyte Boost contains all 84 minerals and trace elements which are naturally available 100’s of years ago. Using Electrolyte Boost every day will assist your body by strengthening your immune system helping you stay healthy.

It is a necessity for everybody, especially children as well as the elderly. It will assist children as they grow in the development of bone, muscle and brain functions, etc. Electrolyte Boost will help the elderly strengthen their immune system as well as their bone structure. Agua é Vida Electrolyte Boost is especially great in assisting the body’s defence systems in the protection from and combatting against bacteria and viruses.

Activate ALL your body functions optimally with Liquid Electrolyte Boost containing all 84 minerals and trace elements in the balance as found in nature.

What Are Electrolytes?
Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electric charge. When minerals dissolve in a fluid, they form electrolytes positive or negative ions used in metabolic processes.

Electrolytes are vital to maintaining ALL Bodily Functions:

  • It is of vital importance to constantly replenish your body, with the elements it requires on a daily basis. Electrolytes are not stored by the body but are used up so replacing them daily is vital to good health.
  • Your body requires nearly two-thirds of all the elements currently known to man in order to maintain a healthy body.
  • The events of everyday-living demand a continual ingestion of minerals/electrolytes.
  • Every second the human body relies on ionic minerals and trace elements to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses. A loss of these impulses will result in every muscle, including your heart being unable to function.

Are you suffering from muscle cramping, nausea and vomiting, numbness, tingling in the extremities, poor concentration, slow social or mental development in children, weakness, poor bone density, poor clotting of blood, constant fatigue, constipation, bloating, abdominal pain, decreased immune system, diarrhoea, irregular heartbeat, loss of appetite, unbalanced hormones, muscle weakness or lower back pain?

Benefits: • Improve hydration levels in the body • Improve oxygen levels in the body • Combat fatigue • Improve energy levels • Boost your immune system • Assist in all bodily functions • Assist brain and bone development is growing children • Assist to improve cognitive functions • Assist in the balancing the bodies PH levels • Assist in cell communication • Health • The Perfect Sports Drink • When we sweat and workout we lose minerals (or electrolytes) replenishes those minerals • assisting in the Prevention muscle cramps • Insomnia • Gout • Arthritis
• Hormonal imbalance • Sinus and congestion • Gall and kidney stones • Cancer (prevention) • Bone density problems • Sore throat (gargle with it)


For optimal results,
● Toddlers: 1 Spray; 3 times per day;
● Children: 3 Sprays; 3 times per day;
● Adults: 5 Sprays; 3 times per day;
Please spray under the tongue for complete and rapid absorption.
Repeat as many times as needed, or after drinking coffee, tea or


Distilled Structured Water infused with Natural Mineral Crystals containing all 84 minerals and trace elements.

For optimal health and hydration boost daily with Liquid Electrolyte Boost! Hydrate with Agua é Vida mineral-infused water available at outlets www.aguaevida.co.za

Alternatively: add mineral concentrate to purified water.

Infused Minerals VZ Sole

Sole water is water saturated with pink Himalayan salt. It is said to have countless health benefits however, there is no research to back up these claims.

Sole is made by fully saturating water with pink Himalayan salt, by dissolving salt into a glass of water until it can’t dissolve anymore. It doesn’t infuse with the water so the body ingests the minerals as a solid instead of an element of the water. The body then eliminates the majority of the sole minerals via the kidneys.

Although a Himalayan Salt sole has plenty of minerals it does not have them in high enough concentrations. Large amounts of sole water will be needed on a daily basis, thereby consuming excessive amounts of sodium for it to be considered a good source of these minerals and trace elements.

Excessive Sodium may improve sleep but it will wreak havoc on your kidneys.

Due to there not being any research to back up these benefits, Himalayan salt sole should not be considered a health beverage.