Our difference
is in our unique filtration & mineral
infusion system

Why is Real Water different from the rest?

Agua é Vida removes contaminants, including excessively high radioactive isotopes caused by high levels of acid mine drainage, uranium & toxic waste.
In this pure state, the water has no life but is dangerously volatile.

Anti Radiation GRAM (Granular Radioactivity Absorption Medium) filters can effectively remove & isolate all radioactive isotopes & other toxins such as Uranium, Aluminium, Arsenic, Cadmium, Iron, Lead, Manganese, Mercury, Radium & Vanadium as well as others found in your household water supply.

We use a novel mixed-bed absorption medium containing Zeolite minerals that efficiently & effectively scavenge all these toxins from your water.

The success of this filter medium is in combining both ion exchange & superior mechanical filtration properties that absorb toxins by filtering on an atomic scale through a powerful negative charge existing in the structure of the filter bed which attracts the positively charged contaminants, isolating them within the structure.

In this state, the water has no life but is dangerously volatile.

The effectiveness of GRAM’s unique capabilities has been demonstrated when it was used in the post-accident clean-up of both Three Mile Island & Chernobyl.

Agua é Vida’s ISO-GRAM ANTI-RADIATION FILTER removes all cancer-causing radioactive Uranium Isotopes & other heavy metals found in Acid Mine Drainage.

Ague é Vida is Clean, Alkaline & Mineral Infused


Agua é Vida’s Mineral Concentrate is infused into Reverse Osmosis purified water, to create Real Water containing all 84 essential minerals & trace elements. Giving life to Pure, Healthy, Alkaline, Mineral Water.

Agua é Vida’s Mineral Concentrate is made under stringent conditions through a multiple-stage process based on nature’s hydrological cycle.

Infusing all 84 essential minerals and trace elements into a solution, creating a 100% pure, natural and organically balanced mineral concentrate. The 84 essential minerals and trace elements in the solution is identical in proportion to that found in human blood plasma.

This mineral concentrate undergoes additional processes to microstructure the concentrate molecules which in turn will change the structure of the water molecules in which it is infused.

When Agua é Vida’s Mineral Concentrate is infused into water, the water accepts the characteristics of the concentrate. Water molecules now become micro-structured & free from any negative memory “clusters” forming bonds of 4-6 molecules instead of the normal 10-12 found in polluted water & tap water.

Your cells can now readily accept this micro-structured water & your body will utilize over 90% of the water consumed. This distinguishes Agua é Vida as the ultimate hydration solution.

Agua é Vida mineral concentrate replaces electrolytes lost through rigorous physical activity, making it vital for active men, women & children.

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