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Water has adhesive properties which bond the solid structure of cell membranes and protects life within the cells of the human body. It plays an active role in cell communication. Any upset in water balance inside and outside the cells of the body will affect thousands of metabolic functions as well as upset the equilibrium of body tissues and organs. That’s what makes water the most important nutrient in the human body. Every vital organ in the human body has a high percentage of water. Only 25% of the human body is not water. It is therefore vitally important to take note of the quality of the water we consume.

life-stage hydration

proper hydration essential in every phase


Promotes Healthy amniotic fluid and blood plasma levels vital for fetal development.

This increase in the mother’s total body water is needed for plasma volume expansion, for the constitution of the amniotic fluid and for the placenta, which is essential for the development of the fetus.

Hydrating correctly is vital during pregnancy. Agua é Vida’s mineral-infused water will support healthy development in babies.

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  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Healthy amniotic fluid
  • Recovery after birth
  • Milk production


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  • Baby with essential minerals and trace elements
  • All the electrolytes a mother needs in perfect balance as nature intended.


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  • Fatigue
  • Morning Sickness
  • Constipation



Promotes Milk production and nutritional content of breast milk. Prevents dehydration during breastfeeding.

The risks associated with dehydration during breastfeeding aren’t quite as severe (in most cases), but they are risks nonetheless:

The nutritional content of your milk can change if you’re dehydrated.

Your milk supply might decrease, but only with significant dehydration. If severe dehydration persists and your baby is not taking in enough fluids, he could become dehydrated as well.

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Promotes concentration and increases cognitive abilities vital for learning. Promotes optimal brain health and brain function.

Children are at greater risk of dehydration than adults due to their lower body weight and smaller reserve of body fluids. Equally, whilst adults often have easy access to a supply of water, children tend to rely on their caregivers to provide drinks and often don’t recognise the early stages of thirst. Research suggests that just a 1% to 2% body weight loss can lead to significant reductions in concentration and mental performance. As a child’s body is around 60% water, it is important to keep them topped up with fluid during the day.


Promotes healthy body functions.
Boost brain functions and cognitive abilities.
Prevents Infection.

With ageing, the body’s mechanisms of water balance are disturbed, increasing the risk of dehydration among the elderly. Dehydration is indeed the most common fluid disorder among older people.

wherever we are

hydration is essential everywhere


Promotes productivity alertness and cognitive ability.
Wellness at the workplace!

Dehydration at the Workplace

Studies by the University of Connecticut Human Performance Laboratory found:

  • Mild dehydration has a negative impact on a person’s mood, physical performance and cognitive abilities.
  • Only 1% dehydration reduces performances by 12%
  • 3-4% dehydration reduces productivity by as much as 25-50%
  • 3% of dehydrated workers reaction time was the same as drivers with a Blood Alcohol content of 0.08, which make it 5x more likely to crash their car.


Promotes effective nutrition from meals prepared and cooked using mineral-infused water.
Ultimate health for the family through proper hydration .

Water without minerals and trace elements (such as reverse osmosis, purified water and tap water) cannot hydrate you.

Drinking demineralised water results in flushing out essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium, leaving your body vulnerable to diseases!


Promotes performance, endurance and strengthens muscles.
Assists in preventing injuries and speeds-up recovery.

Training dehydrates your body.

3% Dehydration = 25% loss of energy

Agua é Vida Hydration Boost:

  • Oxygen flow restored
  • Replaces energy drinks
  • More energy during training
  • Quick recovery after training
  • Hydrates your body immediately

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