Your body's many cries for water

Dehydration is the underlying cause of many chronic “diseases”

Dehydration is the underlying cause of many chronic “diseases.” Proper intake of water, salt and minerals can prevent these illnesses and even reverse the damage already done. So-called “modern” medicine still blames viruses or genetics for most of these degenerative conditions, and the pharmaceutical industry would lose billions in profits if people relied on the natural healing properties of water rather than expensive and toxic drugs. Why the body needs water, the reasons why lack of water causes the body to become stressed and diseased, as well as very simple methods to ensure your own vibrant health, are all explained in detail.

Earth and mankind are one! More than two-thirds of our physical body consists of water. What we doctors learned at medical school was

based on a wrong primary assumption of science. Medical science is based on a number of flawed assumptions. The science of the twentieth century is flawed, it represents a ‘dark age’ of knowledge of the human body.

Twentieth-century medicine, in order to seem ‘scientific,’ explained a whole lot of things, labelled things, wrote books and more books about the human body, about the diseases, but everything that they wrote was ‘diseases of unknown aetiology.’ They explained it, but they didn’t know how it arose. Then, later on, they started blaming viruses, and sometime later, they started putting the blame on the patient, saying it is ‘genetic.’ So the medical community, in order to camouflage its lack of knowledge of the human body, produced labels and put the blame on the person. That was twentieth-century medicine.

The result of my discovery, which explains that everything in the human body or in any living matter is regulated by the presence of water, is a paradigm shift from the solid side of understanding of the human body to the solvent side of understanding of the human body.

Histamine’s Role in Water Regulation

That is why part of my education was histamine, (everyone has heard of ‘anti-histamines’) which is a neurotransmitter in charge of water regulation of the body. So, in twenty-first-century medicine, the new truth is that dehydration is the primary cause of painful, degenerative diseases, including cancer and AIDS.

We had gone wrong in medicine and did not understand the role of histamine in the human body, that we have to revise that understanding because now we know the solution to a lot of these disease conditions that are treated with antihistamines, and that solution is water. Histamine is with us from day one of life. When the ovum becomes fertilized with the sperm, from that moment before it divides into two daughter cells to give life a chance to survive in its present form, it has the ability to release histamine.

So, histamine is a neurotransmitter which is with us from ‘minute one’ of life. The human body contains a lot of water, but the water that is contained in the body is mainly already osmotically engaged, in other words, it is busy with an activity—a chemical reaction, a chemical undertaking. That water is called “bound water.” Then the body needs, in order to perform new functions, osmotically free water, that’s called “free water.”

Water Is Necessary to Prevent Stress

In dehydration, even though the body has a lot of water in it, it is the lack of free water that constitutes dehydration. That is why you need to replace the water loss of your body with a fresh intake of water, in order to supply the body with free water to perform new functions.

So, any time you want to perform a function that requires water to perform that function, you had better give that water to the body in advance of the event. In other words, if you want to eat, give it the water that is needed in order to digest food. If you want to exercise and sweat, give the body the water that it has to shed in sweat, and so on. It is free water shortage in the body that constitutes dehydration. It’s like a major business that has a lot of assets, but no cash-flow to pay the salary of its staff.

That’s how a business gets in trouble, and that’s why the human body gets into trouble when it doesn’t have free water, which is the ‘cash-flow’ of the body. Stress translates in the body into dehydration; in other words, every time you feel stressed, that translates to dehydration, and the reason is that every time you’re stressed you secrete a lot of hormones that break up new material and mop up the free water from the circulation, and all of a sudden you are short of free water, so you are short of ‘cash- flow.’

And that is why the body begins to regulate the water content of the body—there is a ‘drought- management program,’ and stress-management. And in stress-management, you get these hormones— vasopressin, endorphins, prolactin, cortisone-release-factor, and angiotensin, which is activated both at the brain level and at the kidney level. Vasopressin is a very important substance, vasopressin is subordinate to histamine, as a water regulator, and vasopressin itself is a very strong cortisone release factor. When there is dehydration, and you have histamine release, you also have vasopressin release, and you also have tissue breakdown as a result of cortisone release factor.

True Origin of “HIV”

Now, this is a very important thing that I discovered— that vasopressin as a cortisone release factor stimulates a substance called interleukin-1 which is another activator of physiological events, and cortisone release factor and interleukin-1 have a magnifying effect on one another, they create a vicious circle, an expansion system. And at a certain level of dehydration and dependence on vasopressin, then you get interleukin-1 activating interleukin-6 and tumour necrosis factor.

These are the elements that begin to tap into the body’s own tissues and break them down, cannibalized by these own tissues for resource management. Because when you’re dehydrated, your body also lacks the elements that the water will have brought to those areas in order that those areas still have some material to work with, and the body begins to break down its own tissue. And interleukin-6 and tumour necrosis factor activate enzymes called proteases at the cell membrane and wherever they are, and these proteases begin to break down and fragment proteins and the DNA, they cause fragmentation of DNA. And the new understanding, or my understanding, is that these fragments of the DNA because as soon as they are released they bring a little bit of membrane with them, they would be labelled as viruses.

These are the “slow viruses” that have the medical community not understanding the DNA component of the breakdown of dehydration and have labelled them as viruses, and because dehydration produces disease, they blamed it on the ‘virus.’ One of the viruses that have received this treatment is the ‘HIV’ itself. HIV, the ‘slow virus’ of HIV, is a fragment of the DNA and it was harvested in cell culture mediums by introducing interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor, and the product that was received or cultivated, they labeled it ‘HIV-1’ This ‘HIV-1’ is not a virus, it’s a fragment of the DNA. It has the same characteristics as half of the vasopressin itself, and that is why they can never produce a vaccine against ‘HIV,’ because as soon as they produce a vaccine against ‘HIV’ they can neutralize vasopressin (which is a water regulator.)

It operates the reverse osmosis program of the body and that would be tantamount to causing the suicide of the cell or the body and killing the person. So that is why they will never be able to use the ‘HIV’ and produce a vaccine for it because it is part of the vasopressin molecule. This is the mechanism where all the auto-immune diseases occur. Interleukin-6, when it goes into the beta-cells of the pancreas, it cuts the beta-cells, it breaks down the beta cell nuclear structure and fragments it and throws it out.

It has been shown scientifically that is the case. So, this is a process of auto-immune activity that produces insulin-dependent diabetes. I will explain insulin-independent diabetes later on, but I wanted to explain this here for you to understand how some of these so-called ‘conditions’ are of ‘slow viruses’ and auto-immune diseases are connected to dehydration as the origin of the disease, and a lack of resources that the body would need in order to compensate for the deficiencies that dehydration brings about.

Many “Diseases” Are Caused by Dehydration:

In dehydration, we lose a lot of the essential amino acids, and they are used as anti-oxidants because when there isn’t enough water to wash the toxic waste away, the toxic waste has to be neutralized, otherwise, it will destroy the system.

Tryptophan, tyrosine, methionine, cysteine, and histidine become depleted as a result of being neutralized in order to compensate for the toxic waste build-up in the body that hasn’t been washed away. You know, when you go to a field john [portable toilet], there is no water, you have a chemical there that sanitizes, deodorizes whatever is introduced into the bowl. The body uses these elements as the sanitizing elements.

Water distribution has another component which is a very important component, it’s an emergency water distribution to the areas where water is so vital in order to perform a function.

Histamine cells, mast cells, basophils, the neurotransmitters, have histamine in them, platelet- activating factor, and heparin. As you know, heparin prevents bleeding. Platelet-activating-factor activates the platelets in order to break up and release whatever they contain.

But unfortunately platelets also contain a lot of serotonin, so the purpose of producing platelet activating-factor that would produce coagulation of blood, and heparin, which prevents coagulation is very simple, because blood is 94 percent water, and when that water is to be tapped into, tiny bleeding is caused, and serotonin causes slits, microscopic slits in the wall of the capillaries, and blood oozes out.

And then once the blood oozes out, its water is reabsorbed into the system, and the remainder, which is six percent of the total volume, becomes plaques which we see in neurological disorders. You have the blood-brain barrier, in which the capillaries are tight junctions, nothing goes through them but through the wall, there are no holes in them like in the rest of the body. This is an emergency route of supply of water, and we call this “vasculitis.” We get it in the brain, we get it in the kidneys, and you can get it in the gastrointestinal tract (that’s how you get gastritis and bleeding of gastric ulcers and such.)

So, this emergency route of supply of water can produce migraine headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, gastritis, purpuras (which are bleeding into the tissue), and nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and so on—this is the result because the body is short of water. It needs the water in order to perform a series of functions within that physiological activity. In dehydration we also get associated mineral deficiencies, because in dehydration we also become achlorhydric, the stomach does not produce enough acid, and you need acid in order to absorb zinc, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and other essential minerals.

So, in this pattern of mineral deficiency, you can see neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and so on. So the twenty-first-century view of the human body is that all actual diseases should be viewed as deficiency disorders, secondary to persistent dehydration. Once you’re dehydrated you become amino acid deficient, you also become mineral deficient, which is the foundation for all diseases in the human body.

The Drug Industry Suppresses Knowledge of Water’s Benefits

By ignoring the dominant and vital importance of water to optimum health and well-being of the human body, the medical and scientific communities have allowed the drug industry to perpetrate fraud against society. But what this industry has done for financial gain constitutes a form of terrorism, because they terrorize people by producing fear tactics on the television and in the media and so on; they force people to go to their doctors and demand a certain type of medication.

One of them is asthma, for example. Asthma is a state of dehydration and one of the ads that I have seen recently everywhere, says “Life should take your breath away, not asthma.” Double-blind, randomized trials are only suited for evaluation of drugs and chemical compounds to ensure their safety. This costly procedure is not suited for the study of the dehydration-produced metabolic problems and their associated deficiency disorders.

In other words, throw that system of the drug industry evaluation out of the window, and flush the syphon, and go back to Nature and try to find out what your body wants; then give it to it. Don’t listen to what the doctor says, doctors don’t know what is the problem with your body, and unfortunately, doctors who are in the mainstream certainly don’t know. I didn’t know, I had to spend twenty-two years of research in order to come to this level of understanding.

Those in the health-care system who chose to ignore this information and continue to use drugs for conditions that are caused by dehydration and mineral deficiency would expose themselves to eventually being legally challenged as criminally negligent. So, sooner or later, you will find one of these ‘ambulance chasers’ taking a doctor to court, saying, “Why did you treat this person’s hypertension with diuretics, you caused this man ill health, you caused him a lot of problems and you shortened his life by at least twenty years as a result of your medication—diuretics, calcium blockers, beta-blockers and so on.

Whereas your body was short of water and that is why he had hypertension.” Now, that will come, that day will come soon. Where did twentieth-century medicine go wrong? What are the early symptoms and signs of dehydration? Twentieth-century medicine started thinking that a dry mouth was the only sign of dehydration, which is wrong. In order to be able to chew and swallow food, even if you haven’t drunk anything your body produces ample saliva to perform that function, so dry mouth is not a sign of dehydration.

Anyone who is waiting to get dry mouth in order to drink water, or waiting to get thirsty in order to drink water, is inviting trouble. In fact, I wrote an article which was published in “Townsend Letters for Doctors,” it’s a two-page article responding to Heinz Valtin of Dartmouth College who said people shouldn’t drink water just like that, they wait until they get thirsty, and I wrote the article saying that waiting to get thirsty is to die prematurely and very painfully, and in the article I call him ignorant. I said this man is ignorant, you shouldn’t rely on his statement.

Water Regulates Most of the Body’s Functions

The second mistaken assumption is that water has no direct metabolic role in the body, only solutes regulate all the functions of the body, which is inaccurate. You have substance A and substance B and if you put them in a test tube, no reaction takes place.

Did you learn that in your first year of chemistry, yes or no? Then the teacher adds some water from a beaker and all of a sudden the whole reaction takes place. Now was it substance A and substance B

that reacted, or was it the water that regulated all the reactions? My introduction to science and medicine is that water regulates all functions including the function of everything that it dissolves.

‘Water-intake-regulating mechanisms of the body are efficient throughout the lifespan of the person’ is another inaccurate statement, because as we grow older, in the same way, that the eyes become less sharp, our ears become deaf a little more, and all the other senses begin to diminish, as you know what I’m talking about, well, so does the perception of thirst.

Unfortunately the elderly do not recognize their thirst. Scientifically it has been shown that the elderly who have been deprived of water intake for twenty-four hours some of them when you put water next to them they don’t recognize that they’re thirsty. Whereas the young people in the same group of study immediately started drinking lots of water.

Caffeine and Aspartame are Poisons

And the fourth mistaken assumption which is a problem special in America, and probably in Western Europe a little bit, is that all fluids can replace the water needs of the body. That is junk science. It’s not accurate. Caffeine in beverages is a dehydrating substance, it affects the brain and kidneys, and flushes more water out of the body than there is water in the cup. It inhibits enzymes in the brain that are involved in memory-making.

Phosphodiesterase is an enzyme that regulates the brain function for memorizing things, so when you take caffeine, in fact, you inhibit this thing. Now, let’s get into the philosophy of why the plants manufacture caffeine or even cocaine. Why do you think? Chemical warfare. Plants insert caffeine and cocaine or have caffeine and cocaine in their leaves and in their seeds so that they will make the ones that eat these things stupid.

Phosphodiesterase is inhibited and that species begins to gradually lose the art of camouflage, alertness, quick reaction, and become stupid, so it becomes eaten very quickly, and predators eat it, and that’s how the plant defends its next generation of the species, OK? Now we take this, brew it, not only into a concentrated stuff, but we drink it ourselves, we give it to our children, and then we cry foul, we say why do our children have learning problems? Why do they have “attention deficit disorder”? Blame it on the industry, the beverage industry that manufactures sodas.

Unfortunately, now a lot of sodas are even more concentrated. They used to be eight-ounce cans, and now they are twelve-ounce cans and now they have more caffeine; it used to be 50 milligrams of caffeine in a can, now there are 75 or 90 milligrams of caffeine. Starbucks coffee contains 180 milligrams of caffeine in a cup of coffee. So, this is the lifestyle problem of society that produces disease and stupidity and a whole lot of other things. And if that’s not enough, they add artificial sweetener to it, which is a further crime against humanity.

Artificial sweetener, aspartame, creates false hunger, and it has been shown in animal models and in humans that as soon as they give aspartame to the animal or to the human, within 90 minutes they’re forced to go and eat even more. The reason is that a reaction called cephalic phase response occurs when, as soon as the tongue is stimulated by sweeteners, the brain translates this into this quantity of energy, depending on the sweetness.

Now, the brain is fooled, but the brain is not fooled, we are fooled, because as soon as the brain realizes that the energy that you promised it by the sweetness is not there, it compels you to go and eat, and eat more than you would have normally eaten.

So that’s why people who are taking artificial sweeteners in sodas thinking that they’re going to lose weight, they’re not, they’re going to get fatter. And it’s been involved in seizures, grand mal and petit mal; optic nerve damage because ten percent of the aspartame is converted into methyl alcohol and formaldehyde, and depending on the quantity that you take, you’re actually taking a poisoning system from your own gut for your nervous system, and particularly the optic nerve which is very sensitive to methyl alcohol and formaldehyde. The sense of smell becomes affected. Brain tumours have been caused by aspartame.

Thousands Are Killed By Medical “Mistakes”

Water has many roles. Three of them, the medical community understood earlier on: that water is a solvent, a packing material, and a means of transport. No problem with that. And in fact, they didn’t matriculate beyond that, they didn’t realize that water has other properties.

They constantly stuck to this, and that’s why we have the ‘sick-care’ system of today, where people are getting sicker and sicker, and they actually get prescribed prescription medications that kill in the US alone between 150,000 to 200,000 people a year—not ‘medical mistakes,’ but prescription mistakes, even according to the doctor’s instructions. At least 200,000 people die every year. Two million people in America get sicker by prescription medications because the medical community never understood dehydration, and they have treated dehydration with medications. They wonder why a hundred years of research hasn’t produced a simple cure for anything.

How Water Performs Its Life-Giving Functions

Water has life-giving properties, those other ones were life-sustaining properties of water. Water has life-giving properties, it manufactures hydro-electricity, in other words, it is a natural source of energy. All neurotransmission in the body depends on this hydro-electricity from the water. That’s why water is a better pick-me-up than anything you might imagine.

OK? Now the process of hydrolysis—the medical community has always used the word ‘hydrolysis of this’ ‘hydrolysis of that’ and yet they never assume that water has a metabolism of its own. I was six years at the

The University of Pennsylvania doing research in order to find this, put this thesis together, and one day I visited a conference and one of the professors asked me what do you do, I said: “I’m trying to look at the metabolism of water.” He frowned at me and thought me an ignorant person. He said, “We thought that the water doesn’t have any metabolism.” I didn’t want to offend him in front of his colleagues, I said, “May I come to your office and talk to you about this?” He said, “Yes, by all means.” So I got an appointment from him, he was an eminent professor at the University of Pennsylvania. I went to see him and in order to make sure I understood what he had said was correct, I said, “Did I understand correctly that you said that water has no metabolism, water is just an inert substance for the ride.” He said yes. I said, “Then what is hydrolysis? You use the word frequently and use it every time. What does hydrolysis mean?” If I had hit him with a ton of gold, it wouldn’t have impacted his brain as much as that word did. He went white, pale, and he said, “Yes, of course, we never thought about that.” So the word hydrolysis means metabolism of water.

Water is a nutrient, water is actually a primary nutrient in the body that your body depends on, on a regular basis for its performance and functions. Water at body temperature, when it is squeezed to 2.5-angstrom units, it gels, it becomes like ice, and it’s this thickness of ice that sticks the components of the cell membrane together.

So water is actually a cementing material in the body, it’s that mortar between the bricks, and lack of water will cause a disturbance in that process. And in order that the cell doesn’t disintegrate completely, the body has found a substitute, and it’s produced this stickiness of cholesterol in order to bind things together. So cholesterol in the body performs not only an insulating function, but it’s also part of the emergency bonding material.

Now, as far as water is a source of energy, this is the research by Philippe and Wiggins: ‘…the source energy for cation transport or ATP synthesis lies in increasing chemical potentials with the increased hydration of small cations and polyphosphate anions, in the highly structured interfacial aqueous phase of the two phosphorylated…’ This must be double-Dutch to you too! But trust me, it means that water is the source of energy for synthesis of ATP. Now, hydrolysis of water produces energy.

This is a formula calculated by George and group when magnesium ATP is hydrolyzed, magnesium ATP itself has only 600 kilojoule- moles of energy inherent to itself. When it’s hydrolyzed, the components become 5850 kilo-joulemoles of energy. In other words, water has transferred its own energy to the components, and that’s how it has driven the chemical reaction by the energy produced by hydrolysis. So, the pound of meat that you eat has no energy value whatsoever, unless water is there to hydrolyze it and break it down. It is, in fact, the water that energizes the food that you eat, the potato, the sugar; none of these has the ability to pass energy into the human body unless water is there to break them down and magnify the energy content by one order of magnitude.

There are two oceans of water in the body—one ocean of water is in the cells, and then there is the ocean of water outside the cells. Water that we drink goes through the cell membrane and replenishes the ocean inside. The salt that we take regulates the volume of the ocean outside. And these two oceans have to be in balance. You cannot fill up the Atlantic more than it is full already and let the Pacific dry up, or fill the Pacific and let the Atlantic dry up, you have to fill them both. And that’s why God created connections between all the oceans, in order to balance the oceans. We also have to balance the oceans of water in the body.

In fact, the design of the body is that it automatically balances these oceans by certain mechanisms. So, water and salt are vital elements in the human body. Water diffuses through the cell membrane at a rate of 10-3 centimetres per second, which is a very fast rate of transfer of water into the cell. In a well-hydrated cell membrane, there is a channel between the two layers of the membrane.

All the enzymes travel through that channel and meet their counterpart. And they call this a lateral diffusion of the enzyme systems, and the body needs to have that channel sufficiently hydrated. The water comes through these elements and fills up this channel, and allows physiological functions to take place. In a dehydrated state, the channel is gone, these processes come into another, and they produce locks, so nothing travels. That’s how the cell goes into hibernation, in bacteria and things like that, that might have these same processor animals that go into a dry phase, this is how it happens.

Reverse osmosis is when we don’t have diffusion, and the body has to filter water and inject it into the vital cells, and that’s called reverse osmosis. Then we have the osmotic movement of water when glucose stimulates insulin production and the gates are open, water travels with glucose and amino acids into the cells. And this is a mechanism where we lose our perception of thirst and gradually as a result of lifestyle we become susceptible to disease, depending on how much water we are taking or beverages that are dehydrating substances.

When the body has to depend on insulin release to osmotically shift water into the cells, obesity becomes an unavoidable complication. And that’s what I’m writing on now, “Obesity, the Deadly Disease of Dehydration” is the title of my next book. Now, this is a process of reverse osmosis, vasopressin sits on its receptor and converts it into a ‘shower-head,’ with a cluster of perforations of two-angstrom units.

And this ‘shower-head’ process fills with the osmotically balanced serum, and the vasopressin puts a squeeze on the system and only water, one molecule of water is filtered through the system. And alcohol stops this function, that’s why you get a headache with alcohol because your brain depends on this mechanism in order to get hydrated on a regular basis. This is how the body transfers water into the brain tissue—reverse osmosis.

Salt Is Vital for Life and Health

Salt is vital because it extracts and gets rid of acids. Sodium goes into the cell, a hydrogen ion goes out, and then potassium goes into the cell and sodium goes out. So, salt is vital for balancing the acidity of the cell; that’s how the body becomes alkaline because salt extracts the hydrogen ion and then the ion is taken to the kidneys and is flushed out if there is enough water. Salt is essential in order to regulate the blood sugar, it’s essential to manufacture hydroelectricity.

Salt is vital to prevent catarrh as an antihistamine salt is a strong natural anti-histamine. It prevents cramps. The structure of bones depends on salt for fullness, because 27 percent of the salt reserve in the body is in a crystallized form in the actual bone structure, in the shaft of the bone. And low salt diets actually cause osteoporosis, not calcium deficiency.

When you don’t have water and salt, not only do you not absorb calcium, but you also get rid of calcium. Nerve cell communication depends on salt. Absorption of food depends on the sodium-potassium activity. And asthma and cystic fibrosis are conditions that can benefit from salt intake as well as water. Now, you’ve all seen these elderly people who develop leaky bladders, they have no control; that is a salt deficiency problem. You need salt in order to strengthen smooth muscle, and when you don’t have enough salt, smooth muscle loses its integrity.

This is a testimonial from Dr E. Reed: “I have a weak bladder and have even taken spare clothing as I was sure they would be needed. I arrived with not a drop of anything on my clothing. I had talked myself off salt—a bad mistake.” For years she had had this problem until she came across my information on salt, and started adding salt to her diet, and within three or four days she became continent, she lost her incontinence.

Water regulation of the body: Water is essential through all phases of the body’s growth, from the intrauterine phase of life, until you reach your full height and full weight. Growth hormone and histamine regulate water intake. As you grow older, you lose the concentration or secretion ability of growth hormone, and gradually you only depend on histamine in order to regulate water intake of the body.

Histamine is forcing us to drink water, but if instead of water we take tea, coffee, sodas and alcohol,\ we gradually dehydrate the body. Now, if we take water, the pattern of life can go up to 150 years, depending if we understand the water level of the body and the composition of the materials that we put into the body.

So, good diet and hydration are essential for long life. Growth hormone disappearance is secondary to tryptophan and serotonin deficiency. Growth hormone is under the control of the tryptophan and serotonin level of the brain, so the tendency to lose that is secondary to serotonin level of the brain.

Once you hydrate the body, gradually, I am told, the growth hormone level comes back up. The ratio of water inside the cell to the ratio of water outside the cell between the ages of 20 to 70, has changed from 1.1 to 0.8, in other words, far less water inside the cells. And the ‘plum-like’ cells gradually, because of not drinking water, not allowing water to seep through the cell membrane, the ‘plum-like’ cells become a ‘prune-like’ state, that is a state of disease, a disease-producing state. In other words, persistent and intentional dehydration reveals itself in as many ways as we in medicine have labelled as diseases.

We have labelled, we have invented diseases. We have not had diseases, we have had ‘dis-eases’ of dehydration. If we recognize these diseases that can be relieved with water, diseases will go away. And so will the sick-care system, so will a lot of doctors, so will the pharmaceutical industry, and thank God for that.

How to Know You Are Getting Dehydrated

How does dehydration reveal itself? In four major ways: perceptive feelings, water rationing programs, crisis calls of the body for water, and disease complications. And you know that disease complications mean that death could be part of that. Perception of thirst, feeling tired when you haven’t done a good day’s work, when you wake up first thing in the morning and you don’t feel like getting out of the bed, you’re dehydrated.

You had better drink some water straight away. In eight hours you have deprived your brain of energy, hydro-electricity, and that is how you feel tired because of dehydration. Water is a ‘pick-me-up’, within three to four minutes it will get you out of bed. Feeling flushed and irritable, anxious, dejected, depressed, inadequate, heavy head, cravings, agoraphobia, they’re all complications of dehydration.

Depression is definitely a sign of dehydration. Drought-management programs of the body: The true thirst signals of the human body are asthma, allergies, hypertension, old-age diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. These are all produced by dehydration. Alveoli need water. When you breathe in, you suck water from the periphery into the alveoli, and these microscopic droplets of water, when they coalesce they create a surface tension. This surface tension is a very powerful tension, it produces the constriction that we use in order to get rid of the air in the alveoli. So breathing depends on water, and that’s why asthma is a sign of dehydration, because, in order that you preserve water, histamine constricts the bronchioles, stimulates, directly and indirectly, mucus formation and plugs the bronchus.

Because alveoli are very delicate membranes, they cannot become dry, and if the person who is breathing constantly (and we lose about a quart of water, a liter of water, every 24 hours through just breathing), and if we don’t have that water to replace it, these alveoli become brittle, they break. And that’s how you create cystic fibrosis. In order that this doesn’t happen, Nature has designed that you stop breathing.

Unfortunately, we in medicine never understood this. Today they have got 17 million asthmatics in America, in Britain and elsewhere an equally proportional number. And yet all of these people can very easily get relief from their asthma by increasing their water intake. That’s why I’ve written a book called “The ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus” explaining that histamine is a water-regulator.

Give it water and it will not cause you harm. As I explained, histamine is a neurotransmitter, water and salt are the best anti-histamines there are, but in combination. If you give water by itself and don’t give salt, you cause problems. If you give salt and not water, you cause problems. In fact, you need not only water and salt, which are the extracellular balancing factors, you also need other minerals that are inside the cells, to hold on to the water that seeps through.

Dehydration and Lack of Salt Cause Hypertension

Hypertension; in any water loss, 66 percent of the water is lost from inside the cells; 26 percent is taken from water volume held outside the cells, and eight percent is taken from the actual vascular system. But since the vascular system is not a rigid system, the capillaries constrict and pick up the slack, and you don’t sense the water loss.

So when 66 percent water loss inside the cell is beginning to produce symptoms, any of the tests you do will not reveal anything to you, because the vascular system is a balanced system, and it gets regulated completely. In order to prevent hypertension, we need water, we need salt to operate the reverse osmosis system.

Now, in addition, you need calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and selenium, which are the intracellular minerals, to hold on to the water. Once you do that, no blood pressure will dare rise above 120. Give the body the right ingredients at the right time, and all blood pressure medications will disappear.

Many people say that salt causes the body to hold water. That is not true. The correct ratio of water to salt will not hold water in the body. You need a quarter teaspoon of salt per quart of water, which is a gram and a half of salt to a litre of water. Now, when you go to the hospital, they give you nine grams of salt per litre of water, they’re not giving you isotonic solution.

But I’m giving you enough salt so that your body will retain that salt. You need to take sea salt which contains the other 80 minerals in it. There are 80 trace minerals in sea salt that are not in table salt, but in the table salt you have iodine, which is essential, so if you only take sea salt you don’t take iodine, and a lot of people can develop goiters, and an iodine supplement such as kelp will help, or taking a vitamin that contains iodine is essential.

Salt deficiency has actually been used as a means of torture, depriving one of salt. It was actually a sentence of death, by pain. They would deprive the person of salt and they would die very quickly in agony. I think that sooner or later these lawyers will get at the system because there is no other way in America to compel the doctors, to wean the doctors from the ‘perk’ of the pharmaceutical industry.

Taking antihistamines on a constant basis will cause more disease, because when you don’t honour histamine for what it needs—water, and the minerals and food—and you give it anti-histamine, you’re only camouflaging the need, but you’re not satisfying the need, and so the disease will continue on. All of a sudden it breaks barriers, and then you develop cancers, you develop all sorts of things, and very quickly one can die.

All these people who went to the most expensive clinics, spent thousands of dollars, were given a clean bill of health, they came out of the hospital and ten days later collapsed on the steps of their office or wherever and died, because blood tests never revealed dehydration, which is the foundation of the disease.

Diabetes, Insulin, and Water-Regulation:

You have two kinds of diabetes; Type-1 diabetes is the autoimmune, kind in which interleukin-6 destroys the beta-cells, particularly in children because children do not have a great amount of water reserve in their body.

The body immediately goes into the next phase of reaction which is an autoimmune disease. Now, in the elderly, insulin-independent diabetes, type-2 diabetes, (that now we are seeing among children as well, teenagers), is caused by dehydration. We should consider the pancreas to be a regulator of water balance in the different, environments of the cell.

It produces insulin, and once the insulin gates are opened by insulin, sugar goes in and takes water with it; amino acids go in and take water with them. Other minerals go in because of that gate and take water with them. Now, in a dehydrated state, that is an embarrassment to the circulation, because don’t forget, the circulation cannot afford to lose water to the cell—it has to draw water out of the cells. So the mechanism that brings water to the pancreas, prostaglandin-E, which is a water regulator of the body, it’s one of the subs- hormones of the body has a direct impact on beta cells and inhibits their insulin production and release.

If you give water and you give salt (which are anti-histamines), you nullify the effect of histamine, you don’t produce prostaglandin-E and the hold on the insulin-producing mechanism will go away and you produce insulin. So, all people with type-2 diabetes can get relief very quickly if they begin to drink water, take salt and other minerals the body needs. Does that make sense? I’ve seen quite a lot of dramatic results in people with severe diabetes, 600-700 milligrams per 100 cc, they’re completely recovered, their sugar has come down to 80-90 milligrams. This is a mechanism involved in this system. In type-1 diabetes, insulin-dependent diabetes, it is this interleukin-6 that destroys or ‘guts’ the beta cells of the pancreas, and insulin production is diminished.

Now, even in this type of diabetes, if you give the person water, you won’t get the complications that are associated or acknowledged to be because of diabetes, that is plaque formation, retinopathy, and all of those will not occur because they are actually dehydration-produced, not diabetes-produced.

And insulin production, insulin need will diminish. I have had a person who was using 90 units of insulin, now he’s using 36 units of insulin in 24 hours. He had retinopathy, and that’s gone. They wanted to amputate his legs, and that’s no longer needed. He’s totally recovered from the complications of diabetes, which are actually complications of dehydration itself.

Other “Dis-Eases” Caused by Dehydration

The emergency calls of the body for water: We gave it two classes of symptoms, “perceptive” and then “drought-management programs”; now we have the emergency calls of the body for water, they are the main pains of the body. Early morning sickness of pregnancy is a sign of dehydration of the mother and the child, the fetus because the fetus has no mechanism of telling its needs other than through the mother’s system. Histamine, which is a growth hormone in infants, babies, or intrauterine life, whether it’s human or any another animal species, reflects its symptoms through the mother’s system, and that’s why we get early morning sickness of pregnancy.

That’s why a lot of women begin to retain salt and they become

edematous, and retain a lot of fluid and so on. If we increase water intake in these women, their early morning sickness of pregnancy will disappear. The infants grow much better in the intrauterine phase of growth, they’re an average of an inch taller, the few I have seen have been much taller than normal. They have their hair grown, they have a much more developed hair structure than the hair of the average child.

Now, dyspeptic pain or ‘heartburn’ is a sign of dehydration. I treated 3000 peptic ulcer disease sufferers in the prison with water, and that’s where I came to the conclusion that these people were thirsty. And in order to prove that, I wondered why the pharmaceutical industry wants to block this pain with an antihistamine, Tagamet, Zantac, and so on, H2- blocking agents. I said, why are they doing this? So I went and started researching this, in fact, this discussion occurred at Yale University and the professor said, “Can you prove that these people were thirsty?” and I said, “Yes, I can!” and that’s the continuation.

So I went to the library and started researching histamine, and the answer was there, it had been there all the time, but the pharmaceutical industry wasn’t going to share it with the doctors, and the doctors are not going to do research, they only take their education from the system that has been hijacked by the pharmaceutical industry and they are only fed the information that will guide the doctor to use their chemical products. So, when I wrote my article on pain and the need for a paradigm change and presented it as a guest lecturer at a cancer conference in 1987, and I explained what is the role of histamine, the scientific secretariat at the Third Interscience World Conference of Inflammation invited me to make my presentation there, and that is what I did.

So, histamine is actually a pain-producing system directly and indirectly through its subordinate systems, and that is why we get the dyspeptic pain and that’s why the pharmaceutical industry uses Tagamet and Zantac to block it. Migraine headaches, anginal pain, rheumatoid joint pain, back pain, fibromyalgia pain, colitis pain, false appendicitis pain. I have seen a number of people who came to me in the prison with typical appendicitis symptoms, but they didn’t have a temperature, they didn’t have nausea, so I gave them two glasses of water because by then I knew the pain was a sign of dehydration. I gave them two glasses of water and in three minutes their ‘appendix’ pain disappeared.

So, these people would normally end up on the table of the surgeon and have their appendix taken out. How does pain arise? You know the pH of the body should be 7.4, intracellular pH. The only way we can do that is by drinking enough water, taking enough salt and minerals to make the body alkaline and get rid of the excess acidity through the production of urine.

So, when we produce yellowish urine, it means that the body is getting rid of some of its acids. Ideally, the urine should be even less of an intense colour than yellow, but when we produce orange urine, it means that the body is truly dehydrated, and somewhere it’s going to ‘sing.’ Now, the way it ‘sings’ is very easy— when the body is alkaline, the cells are happy when it becomes acid gradually, the toxic waste builds up and the area becomes acid.

There is a chemical substance called pre-kallikrein. This substance is very sensitive to pH fluctuation. When pH becomes acidic, in other words, drops to 6.7, 6.5, free kallikrein is converted to kinin, and since there are nerve endings in the area, the kinin in the nerve endings is the element that causes the pain. So, that is how pain is produced in a dehydrated environment in the body

Now, this drought-management program of the body rotates drought or hydration, so certain areas of the body are dehydrated and certain other areas get hydrated. That’s why in rheumatoid joint pain you get these migrating pains, one day it’s this arm, this hand that hurts, another day it’s the other arm or hand that hurts, or it’s the hip or the knee and so on. This is the migration of dehydration, and that’s how you get the pain.

The Cholesterol “Problem” and Water

Complications of dehydration raise cholesterol. Obesity is the first complication of dehydration. Raised cholesterol, heart failure, chronic fatigue, cancers, neurological disorders that I explained to you, strokes, and so on, they’re all produced by dehydration. In the fourth dimension of time, when you’re talking about dehydration, you must include time elements, because the body is a chemical plant.

You pour ingredients into it, it produces an outcome whether it’s thought, perception, knowledge, or physical activity. Now, gradually change the ingredients that you put in the body, and in the fourth dimension of time your plant will not be the same original plant as day one, it will be a new chemical plant, and that new chemical plant may have disease processes already established in it, or beginning to be established. So, reversing a situation needs a lot of understanding because you can’t capture all that’s lost in time.

Cholesterol: When you eat food and you do not drink water before your food, the gastrointestinal tract scrambles, and draws water out of the circulation, water it has to spare, and the circulation goes around and

borrows water from the rest of the tissue and puts enough water into the gastrointestinal tract just barely to break down the food and dissolve it, liquify it and circulate it in the portal system to take it to the liver.

In the liver, you need a lot of water to operate the hydrolytic properties of physiological metabolic processes, and so more water is used there. And this concentrated blood goes to the right side of the heart, and it’s pushed into the circulation to the lungs. In the lungs, you lose further water through breathing. Now, highly acidic, concentrated blood reaches the left side of the heart and is pumped into the circulation.

The first area that this concentrated, acidic blood attacks within the arterial system are the heart itself. It will compromise the membrane, it’s acidic so it burns it; capillaries are already constricted because of dehydration, and this blood pressure rushing through this compromised membrane produces abrasions and tears. And unless something covers these abrasions and tears, the blood will go under the membrane through the tear, and peel it off and throw it as an embolus down the circulation to the brain or to the heart itself.

Nature has designed low-density cholesterol to come and cover the area of damage here, smooth over the tear, make it impermeable so that it will heal underneath. And we see this cholesterol and we do an ‘LAPD’ phenomenon, as soon as something is reported, you have to prove that you haven’t done it yourself. So, the medical community automatically assumes that cholesterol is the cause of the problem, so they take medication to lower the cholesterol, which is sheer nonsense.

And the reason is that we measured the level of cholesterol in the body in the blood that we take out of the veins of the body, we never measure the blood cholesterol in the blood from the arterial system. Nowhere in the history of medicine is one record of cholesterol having ever blocked the venous system.

And yet because of its slower circulation, if the imagery of the pharmaceutical industry is sticky and will stick to the walls of the veins, then all the veins of the body should be blocked, and they’re not. This is another fraudulent statement of the pharmaceutical industry, and it’s a four billion dollar fraud in America, getting people to take so-called ‘statins.’

With flowery words and language, they explain that this is the cause of the problem. It’s not, and human beings are being used as Guinea pigs, or ‘cash cows’ for the pharmaceutical industry. We need to wake up to this phenomenon.

The heart itself, although it circulates all the blood, none the less, the arterial system of the heart is compromised because of dehydration. The brain is 85 percent water. If you look at a single nerve cross-section, in the axons, or nerves of the body, you will see waterways, there is a structure called microtubules. These microtubules are perforated and they drain water from the cytoplasm and they have an environment around them of solutions of lower viscosity, and this is where the material is floated down the stream and the microtube itself acts as a rail system and the transporter protein carries these vesicles down the stream into the nerve endings.

In order that this transport system becomes efficient, we need water in the nervous system. That’s why the brain is 85 percent water, it has the reverse-osmosis program completely, constantly supplying this water. And if we have enough water, the diffusion process will help. This means of transport is called “fast-axon transport” through waterways in the nerves. And this fast-axon transport still takes weeks and months from the source of supply to the terminal where it’s being used. So dehydration is a problem in the elderly that get slowed down because of this process.

Using Water to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is my field of research on top of the other things, and I presented the guest lecture at a cancer conference in 1987. After my writings were evaluated by the tumour-biology unit of King’s College Hospital of London University, they realized what I was saying made a lot of sense, so the chief of the department went to the editor of “Anti-Cancer Research” and said this is new information.

And this man was an eminent researcher in cancer, he had 70 original papers to his name, and this was an entirely novel piece of information to him. It took him about a year to understand what I was saying, I had to stay with him and guide him through the channels of understanding. Anyway, they put up a conference and they asked me to go and explain to the other cancer researchers who were invited, eminent cancer researchers from Europe, America and elsewhere, to come and listen to this.

I explained that pain is a sign of dehydration, and my guest lecture was “Pain: The Need for Paradigm Change” explaining that dehydration is the origin of pain and disease in the human body, including cancer. Cancer cells are primitive and genetically selfish. They are anaerobic, have low oxygen needs. They reveal stem-cell characteristics in some cell-culture media. In other words, this is a primitive cell that can once again become something else. Once again, it can develop into an organ or another thing.

And this is the mechanism when the body is dehydrated and the cells become reduced to their primitive form, and from that primitive form, a new life is supposed to occur. Cancer production depends on a multi-factorial system dysfunction, in other words, many systems have to fail before cancer occurs. DNA damage is one.

Reduced efficiency of DNA repair-system; receptor bound regulation and immune system suppression. These are the four main chemical pathways that prevent cancer in the body, and in dehydration, all of them become damaged, and this is how it occurs. When there isn’t enough water to wash the hydrogen ion outside of the cell, take it out of the cell, this hydrogen ion can damage the ‘fine print’ of the DNA system. You’ve all seen these stone monuments that pigeon droppings defaced; that’s acid. Now, if pigeon droppings can eat into stone, then hydrogen ion can easily eat into the flesh.

In dehydration we lose tryptophan, it becomes an anti-oxidant, and yet tryptophan is part of a tripod enzyme, lysine-tryptophan-lysine, that is involved in a DNA quality-control system. So, in dehydration, quality-control that recognizes DNA misprints, cuts and splices and corrects the DNA misprint, becomes disrupted because of tryptophan deficiency. In the body, as you know, every cell is in a watery environment, it depends for transfer of messenger systems in the watery environment, that would sit on the receptors and stimulate the cells, so it is a means of transport, a means of communication in the cell by means of the receptors.

In society, we have these dishes and electromagnetic pulses to give you all the information in television and radio and telephone communications. In the body, it is in the watery environment, so in a dehydrated state, not only the waterway in the cell membrane closes, but it also begins to lose its receptor systems, because if there is not enough circulation to bring the messenger proteins to the receptors, then the cells don’t need to make the receptors, and that’s how the mechanism begins.

Histamine increases calcium release because calcium atoms when they bind together when they bond and bind together, they trap one unit of ATP, one unit of energy. Histamine has learned, or Nature has designed it that histamine breaks this bond and releases the ATP, so you get a lot of loose calcium in dehydration, because when the energy of hydrolysis is not there, when the energy of hydro-electricity is not there, another source of energy has to be made available, and the calcium bondage releases its energy in the endoplasmic reticulum or in the bone structure.

Now, as it happens, excess calcium activates the proteases and receptors are destroyed. And protein kinase C, which is a protein kinase that activates growth normally, and protein kinase C responds to messenger systems, this protein kinase is broken down and it becomes protein kinase M, which is an autonomous protein, and that is how, once it is triggered into activity, nothing stops it. A normal cell has receptors, they know where their boundaries are in a receptor-bound regulated system. But in a cell that is becoming cancerous, these boundaries are not recognized. And that is why cancer cells overgrow one another and you get lumps, because of protein kinase M.

Now, the body is multi-system, and depending on these receptors, in a cancerous environment, a body that has gone the route of destroying its receptors, in that area the cells have become autonomous, they have inherited a selfishness that makes them replicate constantly, but they don’t have the receptors to stop boundaries, and that is how cancer begins to develop and grow.

The other element is immune system suppression. Histamine, once it is secreted, it activates its receptors. Now, the suppressor cells to the helper cells ratio in the bone marrow are two to one, in other words, as soon as histamine is released in dehydration, the bone marrow becomes suppressed. Another thing is that interleukin-1 is stimulated, interleukin-2 is inhibited. Interleukin-2 is essential in defending the body against bacteria, against cancer, against any offending agent, because interleukin-2 stimulates interferon production, and as you know the scientific community has tried to use interferon to defend against cancer.

Now, the role of interferon is very interesting; interferon stimulates indoleamine dioxygenase, which breaks down tryptophan and indoleamines and produces oxygen, ozone, superoxide of anion and hydrogen peroxide. To an anaerobic cell, oxygen is the kiss of death. When dehydration inhibits interferon production, in effect you are not producing the oxygen that is needed. This superoxide of an anion is actually designed to oxygenate areas of the inflammatory environment that does not get oxygen because of the stagnant situation, so the cells that are defending or repairing will get oxygen manufactured for them on the spot, by the action of interferon. In cancer production, this is stopped because of lack of water.

Water As a Cure for Cancer

Dr Lorraine Day is an orthopaedic surgeon herself, fifteen years the chief of orthopaedic surgery at San Francisco General Hospital. She had the lifestyle of a surgeon, drank a lot of coffee and operated a lot, and never drank water. Fifteen years of maybe three glasses of water in a year. All of a sudden she developed cancer in her breast and this thing grew very fast. She was on her death-bed, she had changed her lifestyle and started taking an alternative approach to treatment of cancer because she knew that the normal treatments wouldn’t work because she had used them herself, and chemotherapy she thinks is a poisonous system, which she had used before but it never worked so she wasn’t going to use it for herself.

” A friend of hers bought a copy of my book. Someone had given her a copy of my book, she had read it, she threw it aside and said: “it doesn’t apply to me.” But this time that she had prayed to God and the book was presented to her again, all of a sudden she woke up and said, “Maybe this is it.” She started reading and realized that it applied to her. She changed her lifestyle, the same night she drank fifteen glasses of water, and she gradually started improving. I’m not saying go out and drink fifteen glasses of water. For God’s sake, don’t do that! And she got better and better, and within four months she was totally cancer-free, although she had had secondary cancers under her arm, in her liver and elsewhere, she has been dying, virtually. The doctors had given her no more than two weeks.

So water is a magical treatment, medication for diseases. Prostate cancer, as you know, is very common. The prostate gland enlarges when the body is acid, and the reason is that the prostate gland contains a lot of acid phosphatases that becomes active in an acid medium, and this is a mechanism of developing growth. And if the other mechanisms are there, the prostate gland can become cancerous very easily.

A certain Air Force officer got a PSA test (Prostate-Specific Antigen). His PSA had gone up, so he had a biopsy done in Germany, and they proved it was cancerous. He was sent to Walter Reed Hospital, and they confirmed that he had cancer of the prostate. He had read a copy of my book that his mother had given him, and all of a sudden he wanted to go the alternative route and he called me from Germany and said, “Here, I want you to help me get rid of cancer.” I said, “You know that you’re asking me a very legally doubtful situation, I would be legally bound. I’m not treating you. I can advise you what to do, the selection would be yours.” He said, “Yes, I understood that.” So I told him what to do, what to take and what not to take. As it happens, he’s got three coffee plantations in Panama, and he’s in love with coffee. I said, “Sorry, that love has to go.” That’s the kiss of death. And he loved his beer in Germany, oh my God. I said, “That too. It can’t be.” So, he changed his lifestyle because it was a question of his health. And within a few weeks his PSA came down and he went to Walter Reed in 2001 and they pronounced him totally cancer-free, and he has been cancer-free ever since.

A young man I know, Andrew Bowman, was a classic case of dehydration. He developed allergies at the age of eight years, diabetes at 14, with neuropathy at 26. He had asthma at the same time he had allergies but needed treatment when he was 23. He had immune system suppression, he had several bouts of infectious mononucleosis, and of course when one gets infectious ‘mono,’ once is enough, but he had it three or four times.

He had a lump on the left flank of his side, they took it and biopsied it and it was positive for lymphoma. He had a gallium test, the lymphoma was all over his body, he just glowed with lymphoma tissue. They offered him the orthodox treatment, they said they would give him total body X-ray. The ‘fried’ him. He got burned, second- and third-degree burns and he refused to do it any more, and none the less the cancer was growing there. They told him to go and put his affairs in order because he had no more time, they gave him three months at the time.

He was going through Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and we have some people interested in this work, and he met this man Bob Butts, who is a proponent of the water cure in northeast Pennsylvania. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars educating the people in northeast Pennsylvania about dehydration. He took Andrew Bowman under his wing and told him to drink water. He contacted me, I told him what to do. And in November of 1995, that is a few months later, he was totally free of lymphoma.

He is still free of lymphoma. He hasn’t looked back on lymphoma. His diabetes, which is the only remnant of the symptoms of his dehydration, he was taking 96 units of insulin, he’s now taking 36. His eye problems disappeared, his leg problems disappeared, they didn’t have to amputate it.

Practical Use of Water to Maintain Good Health

So, water is an unknown quantity that God has revealed for mankind in trouble, in times of need, when we are being enslaved by the pharmaceutical industry and the ignorance of my colleagues in the medical community.

The treatment process is very simple; prevent dehydration first. You need water on a regular basis, you need salt on a regular basis. You need daily exercise because your brain chemistry depends on how you move your muscles.

When you use your muscles, you burn the branched-chain amino acids, which are competitors to tryptophan passage across the blood-brain

barrier. And once you burn those, your body chemistry will begin to function normally. The calf muscles are your secondary hearts for venous circulation. That is why you need to exercise every day. You need a balanced vegetable and protein diet, a ratio of 20 to 80, 80 percent vegetables and fruits, not very much starch, and 20 percent protein.

Do this and take the right amounts of water and cut out sodas, I can assure you, I guarantee no disease will occur in you for a long time. You need your water before your food. First thing in the morning when you wake up, two glasses of water to offset the dehydration of overnight. Then you need a glass of water half an hour before food because if you expect to digest the food, you better give the water beforehand. You need also a glass of water two-and-a-half hours after food, to wrap up the process of digestion, and hydrate the areas that lost water to the circulation. You need for every quart or litre of water a quarter teaspoon of salt, you also need the other minerals in order to regulate the volume of water that is held inside the cells.

You need a balanced protein; eggs are very good, cottage cheese is excellent, to give you all the amino acids and balanced structure. To reverse any of the diseases produced by dehydration it is essential to adequately supplement the body with intracellular minerals; the diet must be high in its potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and manganese content.

This is a very simple solution to cure any of the modern diseases we have come across. I have been asked if drinking enough water would be the best protection against pollutants in our environment. Absolutely. It would offset the damage that is produced by these things, first, and secondly it will immediately flush the toxic material out of the body, and for example, if you take radioactive iodine, it will wash it out very quickly. If iodine becomes radioactive as a result of radioactivity, it washes it out from the body. Water is a tremendous cleansing solution against all these toxic materials

The People’s Urgent Need to Know the Truth of Water

It needs to be taken to the public, from pulpits, from person to person, in any way that is possible, because there is no other way to break the stranglehold of the pharmaceutical industry over the neck and throat of the public.

I have initiated discussion with a lawyer to begin proceedings against the FDA, because I do believe the FDA has been remiss about sharing this information with the public and has given way to the pharmaceutical industry’s treatment of states of dehydration with medication, and I think this damage is actually producing a lot of inconvenience and prolonged problems for children.

There are fifteen million asthmatic children in America, and a child who develops asthma at the age of four or five will be like Andrew Bowman and by the age of 30 or 40 will develop a whole host of other problems and will die. And in fact, every year about five or six thousand asthmatic children die on the way to the hospital.

So share this blessing of God with others, and take a stand to stop the present health care ‘sting’ against those who do not yet know that chronic dehydration is the root cause of most degenerative diseases of the human body.

Dr Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D. received his formal medical training at St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University.

He has devoted most of his active medical life to researching the cause and cure of different pains in the human body. As a result of his breakthrough discoveries in medicine and his extensive knowledge and experience, he has published several books, videos and audio tapes and medical research series.