Water is life

Without water there is no Life

Water without minerals has no Life

The Truth about South African Water

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The perfect
hydration solution
for optimum health

Loaded with
energy boosting
The energy your
body runs on

Water is life

Without water there is no Life

Water without minerals has no Life

The Truth about South African Water



URANIUM causing CANCER Allowed

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pure water


Free from all pollutants and radio-active isotopes caused by AMD

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healthy water


Rich in electrolytes, the perfect hydration solution to better health

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alakaline water


Promoting healthy pH balance in your cells for optimum health

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mineral water


Infused with all 84 essential minerals and trace elements needed daily

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Welcome to Agua é Vida

Agua e Vida Real Water for Health, provides you with the ultimate solution to every day hydration.

Our water is expertly cleaned, purified and then infused with 84 mineral and trace elements.

Ensuring you hydrate the healthy way and ensuring your optimum hydation Health.



The water that you consume today ?

Does it still contain the 84 minerals and
trace elements that are the Life of Water?

Is it contaminated water with Radio-Active Acid Mine DrainageSewage
Chlorine and all other purification chemicals that destroys the natural
minerals in water and makes it dangerous to use instead of life giving water
Dehydration is the underlying cause of many chronic “diseases”
The lack of water causes the body to become stressed and diseased

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Vooraf was die kinders altyd rusteloos, geirriteerd en bakleierig. Hul konsentrasie en koordinasie het ook met rasse skrede verbeter. Hulle was altyd haastig en impuls ...
I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me Relaxed Focus, wow I feel like a whole new person, I have not been taking my Cylift since I started taking ...
Dit het my kinders se lewens verander. Al 3 my kinders is van Ritalin af en hul gemoed is beter, eetlus is terug, slaap beter en hul punte op skool is beter vandat ons Relaxed Focus ...

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